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Dream Tree

cerebral garden & curiosity shop

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Keeper of this Cerebral Garden and Curiosity Shop. 19C British literature and culture scholar. Teacher. Writer. Artist. Also, wife to Artificial Intelligence specialist, and mother to boy and dogs.
american beauty (film), animation (esp. manga-based), anthropology, art glass, art history, art nouveau, art supply stores, arts and crafts movement, astronomy, avatar: the last airbender, babylon 5, bakeries, bare naked ladies, battlestar gallactica, big audio dynamite, biology (in particular zoology, bonsai (esp. miniature bonsai), books, bookstores, buddhism, buffy and angel, calligraphy, candy shops, celtic art and culture, celtic traditional music, clocks, coffee shops, comic book stores, comparative religion, cottage living, counting crows, cranberries, creative writing, culture of science, debate, dickens, dire straits, drawing, edgar allan poe, education, england, enya, fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction, fleetwood mac, folklore, gadgets, gallery browsing, geek culture, george eliot, george macdonald, germanic art and culture, globes, gourmet food, great britain, h g wells, hawthorne, hayao miyazaki, hot air balloons, human rights, ireland, japanese gardens, kate bush, kinks, kung-fu hustle, lampwork, language, led zepplin, legend, lewis carroll, libraries, literary canon, loreena mckennit, m night shyamalan films, magical realism, magnolia (film), magritte, midnight oil, mozart, napoleonic wars, nerd culture, netsuke, nineteenth century, nusrat fateh ali khan, office supply stores, offspring, origami, paper airplanes, paranormal, peter gabriel, philosophy, poe (singer), poetry, queen (band), quirky gift shops, reading, reality tv, rem (band), restaurants, robert louis stevenson, rock collecting, samurai jack, sara mclachlan, sciences (esp. astronomy biology), scotland, secondary world fantasy, serenity (film), smashing pumpkins, social history, social justice, social sci fi, sociology (inc. criminology penology), stargate sg1 and atlantis, stevie nix, supertramp, suzanne vega, talking heads, tangerine dream, technology, teen titans, terry gilliam films, the matrix and animatrix, the police (band), tim burton films, tolkien, tori amos, toy stores, tracy chapman, treehouses, trees, trollope, urban legends, utopian / dystopian, victorian literature, wales, walking sticks, weird news, wings of desire (film), world and national events, writing, x-men, xtc, yo-yos, zoos