kellysearsmith (kellysearsmith) wrote,

Facebook Graphing Entities: Hogwarts

Now this is funny, especially if you are a member of Tribe Geek:

According to Singh, many people on Facebook list their school as Hogwarts, the wizardry school from the Harry Potter series. But their graph models give Hogwarts a low “schooliness” quotient, partly because those who list it as a school come from so many different places. “We want to preserve user expression. If someone really wants to say that they went to Hogwarts, who are we to say that they didn’t go to Hogwarts?” Singh says. “But that’s not the thing that we want to show on top when we search for schools that people have gone to.”

Wired "How Facebook Builds a Digital Signature for You (and Your World)" 7-8-13

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